Unleashing Sustainable development criteria for a city

Hello friends, Omkar Parishwad from India. I am an Urban Planner, currently working on Sustainable approach to development planning for an Indian city, in conjecture with existing inequalities, economic considerations, policy decisions and governance.

Planning for Sustainable Development by reducing Inequalities..

The pace of development initiated by the ICT integrated planning, was undoubtedly accelerated, but also brought to our attention the need for Sustainable development, due to impinging issues it had led us into! The other two fronts of development we now looked upon- are the social progress and the environmental considerations- which were incorporated officially on September 25th 2015, when the world came together to be a part of this Sustainable agenda led by the United Nations, to transform the world for good. Thereafter, India adopted Sustainable Habitat policy in its ‘National Action Plan for Climate Change’- which still has to be recognized, let alone mandated as an Act at the grass-root level. This was mainly because of the lack of technical understanding leading us towards sustainability.

Globally, many developing countries like India, have set a goal for Smart Development induced by ICT integrated big data analysis. But our quest for a new utopia has obvious financial constraints. The path that we have chosen- to leapfrog to the level of urbanization in the developed nations, entails creation of uneven geographies. Having overlooked the considerations of social equity, we chose urbanization that ensures the physical infrastructure, yielding greater dividends for the private investors- thus contributing to economic inequalities; finally resulting in the overburdening of our taxation system.

Learning from our shortcomings, my research has led us to a better understanding of the Sustainable criteria, that our cities can develop upon. This planned development with due consideration of the social polarization and geographical inequalities- which are a direct result of globalization, privatization and deregulation; is the focus of my research. My work correlates the city’s energy requirements with deprivations in order to facilitate and prioritize development. I’m working out a model for preparation of a City Development Plan which, when analyzed in terms of weighted indicators- (Social capital, Human Capital, Financial Capital, Quality of living and Physical Capital) Spatially- gives priorities for Sustainable development.

Confirming this issue as one of the world’s pressing challenge, I was selected as one of the 1000 global talents — among more than 115 countries, to engage in co-creation and problem solving of some of the pressing challenges at the global front, with peers and experts from Academics, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and technical background, concordant with the Sustainable Development Goals- set by the United Nations, towards Global Development. I wish to progress my research to ease my country, through the transition to be a developed country. I look forward to attending UNLEASH 2017 program for generating new and collaborated ideas in my field of research. (Learn more at https://unleash.org/)