Why “ommostthere”?

So I recently had the encouragement from a friend to make a fitness IG account. Naturally, I did my homework, and decided it was a stupid notion for ME to have this type of account. She made hers so she had a community of people that she could follow/follow her during her fitness adventures for encouragement and motivation. I started following hers because I was completely enthralled by this idea. After maybe a week or so I decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have a place for me to post about my current journey.

In August of 2016, I was sitting in our break room at work eating my lunch and had some thoughts to myself. Why am I eating this crazy gluttonous meal for LUNCH at work on a random Tuesday (or whatever it was). I looked around me and noticed several coworkers being awesome with their balanced, healthier lunches and I began to realize that I had absolutely no reason to be indulging in these high calorie meals for the wimpy 30 minutes or less that I got to eat during my workday. I re-downloaded the MyFitness Pal App a couple weeks later after deleting some time ago. It was time for a change. Like a lightbulb, it happened. I started my transformation. It wasn’t loud or exciting. It was very quiet and understated. I didn’t want people to know for FEAR. OF. FAILURE. If nobody knew about my goals and successes, nobody would know about my failures either, right? I joined the Anytime Fitness gym only 4 miles from my home knowing I would probably never use my membership. The day I signed up for my membership I stayed to “workout”. I got on the stair stepper to punish myself (since I was so undeserving and large, of course). I needed to get a start on my 18 hours of cardio/day to make up for my past mistakes with food and fitness. After TWO MINUTES on a extremely fast setting, I hopped off the stair stepper a failure, proving to myself that I was in fact as worthless and undeserving as I expected. One of the trainers at gym, Bo, stopped and talked to me about how difficult the stair stepper has been for the clients since they had recently added this piece of cardio equipment. He suggested lowering the speed as it was difficult and near impossible for people to stay on it for longer than a few minutes at a time at a higher speed. Now, whether or not this anecdote was true or he was just trying to make my miserable self feel better, I took his advice. I got back on that horrific stair mill for 15 minutes at a lower speed and smiled at him when I was finished and let him know it was much more do-able at that pace. I then left the gym and probably went home in self-loathing thinking how far I had to go.

I am not nice to myself. After years of listening to people make comments about my weight, it was nothing compared to my inner voice. I decided it was time to make some changes in my health and wellness. For me, that meant nutritional changes, putting my sedentary lifestyle to a halt and starting a consistent exercise regiment, and working on my mental health. I needed help and it was time to employ the resources. My AMAZING-WONDERFUL-FABULOUS-SUPPORTIVE brother was probably the most pivotal point at this time in my journey. I had NO CLUE how to workout. When I was younger, I was a very active person heavily involved in tumbling because I was a cheerleader and running because I wanted to be “skinny”. During college, I really just lost direction with exercise. What body parts do I work out when?! Since when was there a whole day dedicated to legs? How much weight do I lift? HELP!!! My brother really took me under his wing as a long-time member of Anytime Fitness and helped me learn the equipment and helped keep me on track with workout plans. I remember him asking me what was realistic — 3 days a week or 5 days a week in the gym, and I told him 3 days knowing I’d be disappointed by only showing up once, if at all. Luckily, I surprised myself by making an appearance 3–5 days a week for weight and cardio training.

*FAST FORWARD** to today, March 16, 2017. I have lost a little over SIXTY FREAKING POUNDS. Every pound I have lost, I have gained in happiness. I have never been so at peace with myself as a human in this crazy world. I became a member of the YogaGlo community in early 2016 and used it minimally until I started my journey in August. I credit yoga with teaching me to love myself and my surrounding world. I started my fitness IG February 19, 2017 to share my journey via social media. If I could encourage one person to take a look at themselves differently, it would be worth all the anxiety it gave me to make the account in the first place. I literally didn’t even post a progress update until I lost 50(!!) pounds on my Facebook.

“Om” is a mantra with origins from the Hindu religion often chanted in yoga practice. It is a way to acknowledge ourselves, others, and the universe. “Ommostthere” is a pun on “Almost There”. It is representative of a journey that is never finished. It is representative of enjoying the journey — that happiness and self love isn’t necessary a finite place but a moving, changing experience that requires attention and dedication every day. So, there you have it.