The Next Stage of American Collapse
umair haque

This is one of the weakest arguments I have seen from Umair to date.

First, I would suggest to post pictures related to the article and not random pictures from news organizations that self admittedly do not report on news and facts, but speculation and “bullshit”. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself from a CNN producer in the link below.

Second, these systems have existed for decades under both parties without anyone making any real change to fix it. Trump is the only president that has actually made an effort to shake up the establishment, and he certainly is. For now, stock market is up, jobs are up, business confidence has been restored, the VA is getting updated and has more accountability, illegal immigration is down, and laws are actually being enforced. He still has obligations and despite what the media tells you, he isn’t able to do everything he wants. Only the future can tell if the system will remain in a positive but for now it going in a better direction than previously.

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