What Happens After the Monero Crash?
Inferno Tower

monero wallet was not hacked. there was no vulnerability, there was an article that for no reason wrote about an option to turn on remote control of wallet which was off by default which (guess what) allowed remote control. literally no one turns on that option, and those that do know how to control it. monero was not hacked. if someone gave away their private key, that’s not relevant.

shadowcash however has been proven to have zero anonymity by xmr devs. it took them 1 day to deanonimize the entire shadowcash network. it basically showed shadowcash devs do not understand cryptonote or ring signatures. https://shnoe.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/de-anonymizing-shadowcash-and-oz-coin/ and this is after shadowcash devs pretended the issue didn’t exist and forced them to publish their lack of security.

additionally shadowcash is pos, which is subject to attacks from majority holders, such as in an event of an exchange hack and there is no current good way to mitigate that anywhere. additionally pos chains suffer from nothing at stake issue where you can mine minor chains and still get rewarded.

monero is the most perfect anonymous coin out there and does not requires trusted set ups like zcash scamcoin. no one really cares about darknet, but oasis was like 100 btc minor player while ab already has it implemented and used.

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