Dynamic Lattice Designs via CNC Technology

Effective CNC applications of partitions, latticed grille room dividers, stunning background set designs are creating newer opportunities. Creativity is scaling new heights with plastics, non-ferrous substrates competing effectively with wood.

The versatility of CNC machines cannot be stressed enough as a production and fabrication tool. Yes, the word tool is most apt and precise. Computer Numerical Controlled routing machines are the ultimate tooling machine built. The versatile nature of the machine allows hobbyists to use a basic type CNC Router or a major production house which is involved in scenic set design for corporate events or is major furniture manufacturer.

CNC machines execute a series of machining operations which include drilling, sawing, milling, beveling, edging among others all. With automatic tool changing algorithm built into the interface switching between tools is a given. The speed is phenomenal, and the cutting edges are so smooth that additional finishing operations are not required. With advanced graphic printing capability and using latest LED lighting, CNC-ed woodworking projects are not limited by imagination.

CNC Router from Omni-CNC

For instance, CNC machined designs on room dividers has crossed the divide from a single partition style grille to backlit wall panels adding architectural elements to interior décor. The YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkwfZQP7AXg&feature=youtu.be) is an excellent example of routing capabilities on a CNC router. Omnitech manufactures the machine in the video. They are an industry leader in CNC Router manufacturing and based in China. They have a broad range of CNC based machines from basic type to 4-axis, 5-axis, plasma, laser, ATC, Carousel type routers.

In the accompanying video, it is the OMNI 1328 model which is a hot seller. Equipped with a high-frequency 4.5kW spindle the 3-axis motion controller makes short work of 1600 mm x 500 mm partition operating at a fantastic speed of 5000 mm/min (millimeters per minute) The G-code machine speak of the CNC router is precision routing due to a dual Y-axis micro-stepping drives. The 3.175 mm diameter tool is more than a chisel as it subtracts layers of material (in the video it is 8 mm of MDF board) to create a fluid design. It does not matter whether the design is geometric or has to follow curls, whorls in the lattice structure. When a series of such panels with slightly varying geometry are placedside-by-side, then the creation of dynamic shapes is stunning.

CNC Uses in Scenic Design of Backdrops

Computer design files for input into the CNC router is now made easy with software specific to projects. For instance,large-scale geometric elements are CNC machined individually to form one massive building block. Corporate and cultural presentations in the public domain have entered new realms as evidenced by the 2014 CMA (Country Music Association) awards. The construction of the backdrop in the shape of a roller coaster through CNC machining created a visual design of unmatched brilliance. The biggest advantage in the routing operations is streamlining the process leading to the faster execution of projects that are on a tight deadline. The roller coaster had domes and arches, and the plywood grid looked similar to a large lattice.

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