Visual Credit: Torsten Dettlaff

The best part of working at Omnicourse is to be in touch with experts who take their work seriously. Almost every day, we get an email or a message from a creator that deserves a good answer.

What is your strategy for obtaining new users? I know these programs can grow pretty fast and then fizzle out, but how do you plan on maintaining a community?

A manifesto on our way of work.

3 dimensional philosophy of Omnicourse company organization:

  1. Expertise: Your ability to contribute to a solution with knowledge and experience.
  2. Authority: Your influence on the decision to shape a solution.
  3. Accountability: Your responsibility about the decided solution.

With this week’s investment in Omnicourse by the angel investment network Angel Effect, our company value reached $1M.


Omnicourse is a subscription-based capsule-sized audio course platform for mobile where lecturers can get paid by the minutes listened. #LearnEverywhere

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