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We at TouchLay are a (very) young team, so we’re still figuring out all the tidbits of running a startup. When we started TouchLay, it was only a hobby project. Our main site was a blog where we posted updates on the development of the first version of our touch table. Later, our blog turned into a website and we kind of lost the connection with our online community — we focused on attending fairs and exhibitions, meeting up with businesses and finding early adopters for our new touch table. Realizing what we have become, we quickly decided to change…

I am one of the main developers of coffea and, as you probably figured, I don’t write much (non-code). This is my first post on medium! Personally, I love getting started with a new library by following a tutorial about building something cool with that library, so here’s my article/tutorial on writing an IRC bot with JavaScript, Node.js and coffea.

You won’t need to know about Node.js or coffea, knowing JavaScript before doing this tutorial is strongly encouraged though.

Let’s keep it as simple as possible and write a bot that can:

  • Respond to !ping
  • Join channels: !join channel


Daniel Bugl

Co-Founder @TouchLay, https://omnidan.net/, coffea and node-emoji maintainer, /r/npm moderator, Developer, Web Enthusiast, #Entrepreneur #Startup #Web

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