Melania Trump isn’t a black and white issue
talia jane

I don’t think worrying about her moral quality is particularly useful. Worrying about other people’s morality very rarely is. And so I don’t think your article needs to pander to those people who do.

The rest of your article, which encourages people to think analytically about what’s going on behind the scenes and encourages people to also explore possibilities, is very cogent. I hadn’t thought deeply about this before, and it does bear thinking about. It is relevant to the question of what our leader might do with our country.

As for whether or not she is abused, or whether we should feel sorry for her… About public figures, we know everything and nothing. That’s a relevant question for a friend of hers to be asking. It’s not relevant for us, as members of the public.

If she should ask for help, then we are posed with a moral decision to make, and we should think it through. But until then, none of us know enough to make any kind of decision. And this is true in all cases, not just for her.

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