The path that lead to creating PPIO, and why we decided to take on cloud storage providers with our own decentralized storage and delivery platform.

PPIO Code Talks is an open platform for high-quality presentations and discussions on blockchain technology with the aim of engaging the community and spreading ideas. The following is an adaptation of a presentation given on November 26 by Wayne Wong, CEO of PPIO, about his experiences in PPTV and what he and the team are planning with PPIO.

Video Software to Watch the NBA

Let’s jump back 15 years ago. I was a computer science major at Huazhong University in Wuhan…

Live video streaming technology is an integral part of the PPIO platform. While you get the end result, the technology behind it is complicated. We break it down and share the secrets of video streaming so you get the full picture.

We’re focused on creating cutting edge technology for developers to platforms and applications focused on media streaming. …

An examination on adaptive network intelligent routing based on P2P technology and how it exactly fits into the entire PPIO ecosystem.

On the PaaS layer, PPIO has three core modules: POSS, PCDN, and PRoute.

  • POSS is a P2P Object Storage Service that provides storage similar to AWS’s S3.
  • PCDN is a P2P Content Delivery Network, that targets traditional CDNs, just like AWS’s Cloud Front.
  • PRoute is an adaptive network intelligent routing based on P2P which achieves the fastest speed and the lowest delay by establishing the most reasonable path between two nodes. …

For better on-chain performance, state channels are mandatory. At PPIO, we’ve given a lot of thought about our own state channel and how it can benefit you. It’s time we finally share it.

PPIO is a decentralized data storage and delivery platform for developers who value affordability, speed, and privacy. But we’re offering more than just storage. What separates PPIO from other projects on the market is our emphasis on providing data distribution and data transfer technologies and services. With regard to data transmission, we have given much thought on how to ensure that data transmission traffic is implemented in…

We explore how we designed and utilize smart contracts for PPIO’s data delivery services for a fair and balanced storage platform.

In our previous articles on The Secrets of PPIO’s Data Delivery Technology Parts 1 and 2, we introduced the design and advantages of PPIO from the perspective of architecture and P2P transmission technology. Those things are, of course, not closely related to the blockchain and smart contracts. In this article, we will introduce PPIO’s blockchain and smart contract design at the data delivery level while also leading a community discussion to help perfect this design.

The Payment Method for Data Delivery

The payment method of…

Our follow up article further explores the technology that we’re creating which gives developers the ability to stream media.

There is no question that audio and video applications reign supreme. From the latest Netflix drama to streaming our favorite songs, just about every one of us is entertaining ourselves on a daily basis. Such is the popularity that the perfect time for blockchain technology to make a commercial landing is now. Our previous article about the secrets of our media streaming technologyprovided an in-depth and technical understanding of how PPIO uses PCDN architecture for content distribution. …

We explain the reasons why we’re giving developers on PPIO the ability to stream media and the technical know-how on how’s done.

On Monday morning, Lisa watched TikTok on the subway to pass time on the way to work. During her lunch break, she watched a few funny videos on YouTube. Later that night, she turned on the TV at home and searched for the latest releases from Netflix and Hulu.

Sounds familiar?

It’s no secret that most of us spend a great deal of time enjoying audio and video applications daily. …

Cloud storage has been around for a while, we’re examining the service that’s here to replace it.

In the information explosion era, data storage is important to each of us. From punch cards, floppy disks, hard disks, and finally to centralized cloud storage services, humans have never stopped creating a more convenient and efficient data storage solution. It’s only natural to assume that a cheaper, faster, and more private service will appear in the future. …

Designed with developers in mind, here’s a first-hand look into the technology we’re building so you can build yours.

Unlike most blockchain projects that pay more attention to tokenism, PPIO places greater emphasis on the development of products for real application scenarios. I believe storage and data delivery is one of the most suitable business scenarios for blockchain technology because both storage and delivery can offer reduced prices through a bitcoin-like incentive.

PPIO’s Technology Architecture for Commercialization

To realize the overall PPIO architecture, we implemented a layered design which includes a blockchain layer, an incentive layer, a storage layer, a data delivery layer, and an…

An insider look at what drives content delivery and how important P2P is for distribution.

PPIO is a decentralized data storage and delivery platform for developers that value affordability, speed, and privacy. We have written several articles to explain the data storage functions of PPIO, and this article will help you understand PPIO from the perspective of data delivery.

What Is Content Delivery?

Content delivery refers to the method of quickly delivering the same piece of data to multiple people while ensuring the transmission quality and user experience. …


The CEO of the PPlabs, the Chief Architect of PPTV

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