You may remember HUSSY from an interview we did with her earlier this year, and the multi-instrumentalist producer has just dropped a double a-side of singles Slayer and Playtime. The tracks are catchy as hell and the production is fantastic! For fans of dream pop, shoegaze and avant-garde.

“Slayer comes from a place of feeling stuck and willing for something better to come around, disappearing into your own head. I was feeling frustrated and in a stagnant place, not knowing how to move forward while still burning myself at both ends. A common theme for many twenty somethings of searching for validation through your work. I wanted to take the listener through the journey of a weird headspace and how you deal with those emotions. Lots of bending guitars, mood shifts and a chorus which comes as an instant rush of feeling.”

“Playtime is a half serious, half tongue in cheek poke at predicting the demise
of a relationship. Itʼs the journey through the conversation in your head, the
conflicting thoughts, wanting to be free but also feeling sad that itʼs ending.
Being around toxic people and knowing itʼs not good for you. The title refers to the act of putting on an exterior shell, like an actor going to work and
performing as someone else — playtime!”

Like what you hear? Catch HUSSY on October 23rd at Ribbed for YOUR Pleasure at DIY Space for London. See you there!