Omnii Feature #7 : Under the lid with… AGF

Antye Greie-Ripatti, best known as AGF, is a digital songwriter, sound artist, composer and poet. We caught up with her to talk about using iPads as creative tools, boys in bands, and being in control of your own sound. Listen to her NERDGIRLS mix below:

How did you get into production?

In my early twenties in the early 90s, I was sick of boys in bands and wanted to make my own sound. I wanted to control the sound. Somebody in a music store gave me the Commodore 64 and, inspired by Björk’s Debut, I thought I would do something like her.

Over a career that has thus far spanned 30 LPs, AGF’s set up has evolved over time. Moving through 8-bit home computers to MPCs, and from MPCs to iPads and apps.

What is your favourite bit of gear and why?

Hmmmmm… Today I would say my iPad and its apps, but I used to love the MPC2000xl! I also work in Logic Pro - I am very fast with it and I’m used to it. I’ve used it from day one.

AGF — Sonic Wilderness. March. 2016.

What is your personal ‘top tip’ for producing/ mixing?

I think just listening, listening, listening. Also placing high expectations on unique results…

Vladislav Delay Shark Reef Studio, 2011.

What are you future projects?

I’m doing more radio in future… there’s some very interesting projects coming up there. I’m also working on a feminist Russian language sound poetry edition, and researching and practicing sound and activism. I also hope to continue to make music with others, and I plan to release new music every month.