Apr 4, 2018 · 1 min read

Omnii is proud to present the premiere of ‘Over’ — the debut single from KERAI, an anonymous London-based collective. This is the first release from their upcoming album ‘ORIGIN’.

In this album, the members of KERAI are giving voice to the anxieties and desires of a genderless non-human being as it explores earth, observing and trying to take part in the human activities of the anthropocene era. We don’t know where this being originated: is it AI; an alien; a cyborg; or a creature that has been evolving alongside us on this planet?

‘Over’ chronicles the being’s frustrating attempts to communicate and form relationships with humans.

With soaring synths and beautifully blended vocals, ‘Over’ has us TOO excited to hear KERAI’s debut album, due out later this year. For fans of Arca, Anohni and The Knife — we can’t wait to see what else the group have in store!

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