And remote work can be difficult to find and perhaps lonely for some people.
The sacrifices we make to our health as programmers
Yoni Weisbrod

And there are some of us who atrophy in social environments but thrive in remote work. Not only did I get more work done at my remote job than I ever could at my previous office job, but I also found myself eating healthier foods and had time to exercise (you know that time you waste sitting in traffic? That can be used for so many beneficial things). Prioritizing personal health and self care is simple when you work from home.

I also found I could have much more robust relationships with my coworkers when I wasn’t constantly in distracting contact with them. Asynchronous communication means proving you are very capable of communication, can condense very complex ideas into small bursts, and no one can just pop in and completely ruin your Flow. Remote work requires very careful management of your inputs and outputs and it can be strikingly more fulfilling to work remote.