Do we want the world to be like San Francisco?
Dhruv Parthasarathy

I’m pretty certain people have tried to address the issue with creative solutions but were met with such vitriolic and vehement opposition from the politicians and aristocrats who don’t want to “damage” the city’s historic charm for the advancements necessary to address the issue. Every time someone puts forth a recommended solution, it is struck down because it might mar someone’s nostalgia or impact someone’s rich comfort for a while.

Look at the vitriol spewed when Zuckerberg was doing construction on his house. Now imagine doing construction on 10,000 times as much of the city to renovate it and make accommodations for solutions to all these rent and poverty problems. “They” won’t have it.

The people who are in control of the city are tyrants with a vision that barely goes beyond their own front door step. I refuse to consider jobs in San Francisco until the city can evolve and join us in the 21st century.