Omniphase hdx3105 — Transforme

Describes a good clean high midrange sound. It can be good or bad depending on the look on the face of the guy who said it.

Line Out (Output, Send)
Where a signal leaves the board or component.

1) The highest point in the audio waveform.
2) Short for Peak Detecting (responding to the peak) or Peak Indicating (showing the peak).
3) Having a frequency response that would draw something similar to a mountain peak on a frequency response graph. Omniphase hdx3105

The number of cycles of a waveform occurring in a second.

A transducer which converts sound pressure waves into electrical signals.

A musical instrument that artificially (using oscillators) generates signals to simulate the sounds of real instruments or to create other sounds not possible with real instruments.

Playing several recorded tracks with sync playback through a console to mix them together and record them on an open track.

A group of circuits and controls that are mounted on a removable housing; often on consoles, all of the controls and circuits for one or two channels.

Omniphase hdx3105 — Transformer
An electrical device that has two coils that are magnetically coupled.

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