Free Pizza

Now that we have your attention…

Omnipointment is the best group scheduling app for students, so we know how important food is to a good meeting.

Use Omnipointment to schedule your next student organization board meeting, study session, or meetup and we’ll have two pizzas delivered!

Visit and enter the promo code PIZZA. When you’ve finalized your meeting time, email a screenshot to so we can set up your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Omnipointment?
  • How do I get my pizza?
  • What if I’m part of multiple organizations?
  • What are the limitations?

What is Omnipointment?

Omnipointment is a web app that makes it easy for students to share the times they are free. Instead of guessing or voting on times that might work, you can see where everyone’s schedules overlap. Our time grids look like this:

Filtering lets you accommodate specific people… no matter how busy they are.

How do I get my pizza?

  • Redeem the PIZZA promo code on the Omnipointment website.
  • Create a new meeting and share it with your group.
  • Finalize a meeting time where at least four people have responded.
  • Email a screenshot of your meeting page to with the address for delivery and we’ll place the order!

Here’s how to finalize a meeting:

What if I’m part of multiple organizations?

Cool, good on you! Omnipointment is designed to help students balance multiple commitments. We’ll send pizza to each organization you’re part of, just create separate meetings. Omnipointment’s One Touch RSVP will automatically copy your availability to any other meeting you’re part of. It saves you time and prevents scheduling conflicts!

When a meeting is finalized (purple), you’ll be marked as busy on any other meetings (blue)!

What are the limitations?

Oh, so you’re gonna be that guy.

Just kidding, here are the limitations:

  • You must schedule your meeting with Omnipointment to get pizza. If your meeting is already scheduled, you can still use this promo next time or invite us to share Omnipointment at your meeting!
  • At least four people must respond to your meeting on Omnipointment.
  • Only one pizza promo per organization.

Any other questions? Email!

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