The Datum Beta app is now available on Google Play store.

Icos raise funds with the help of bounty programs and celebrity endorsement is illegal and the bounty promoters earn money in open market by selling tokens for peanuts by deprecating token value ultimately the fools are investors who contribute in shit icos and buring their hands ( see the Red Flags )

Team has very little industry experience — 1 co-founder has experience in big data, (the CEO and not the CTO). The rest of

the founders are in Hardware Marketing, while team members are in Marketing, Hardware Design and AI. you find most of the datum team on

Datum bounty given away 75 Million DAT worth of 3000 ETH. It simply indicates no scope of selling tokens above ico price in open market because 75 Millions DAT are infront of investors ready to sell for peanuts with volume of 3000ETH so no scope or assurance to investors to gain profit from datum ( its simple cheating investors )

Auto generated fake Datum Marketplace with anonymous and no token ids

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