Kindly note that this post is for Christians, no one should come for me please😂😂

Something has always baffled me for the longest time now; why will you use your wedding day as an opportunity to "go to club" because it only happens once in your life?
But then, Sunday comes and you lift up holy hands in adoration, thanking God for a wonderful wedding; saying He deserves all the praise for a successful wedding ceremony.

Why don’t you use your wedding as an opportunity to actually show people how in love you are with the God that created the institution you’re getting into (1), the spouse He blessed you with (2) and an amazing provision for the ceremony everyone is at (3).

Let’s not be conformists!

I mean, what stands you out before God and man if you do what the “rest” does??

Is the problem danceable songs?

P.S: I think this is the major problem because it was something that bothered me a lot at a particular time in my life… I get it.

Like just how do I dance at my wedding to all these serious “churchy" songs??😂😂

Let’s solve it right here: Do you dance in church at all?

If yes, what songs do they sing in church that makes you dance? (I can list a few for you now to create a playlist😎)

Is it the type you used or about to use at your wedding?

Really, if the purpose is to dance well at your wedding, then that’s really not a problem at all. Why? As long as there are godly songs sang in church that also makes you dance and even shout like you’re in a "holy club house"😂😂, that matter is settled.

I'm not even trying to criticise anyone here, I'm just trying to let us shift our focus from the physical to the spiritual.

Once your mind is renewed and truly tranformed on this matter spiritually, we all won’t be having this conversation at all. Why? Your actions are as a result of the state of your mind.

Know this today and know peace, every song carries an atmosphere and in that atmosphere there’s a spirit. On what grounds do you really want to start the next phase of your life??

I come in peace always!!

The Funto Aladekomo

Just writing out my thoughts