.the burial of dove, nivea & co.

photo: via the burial of kojo kickstarter page.

dove yesterday, nivea today. and everyday, the many, many, many billboards that stand firmly across our cities and towns, like trees. but unlike trees — which beautify landscapes, purify the air that they enable us breathe, and which have skins that look like ours, these boards litter our environments and suffocate our windpipes. with their messages and images that invite us to murder a part of our selves, these billboards are nothing but an assault on our holistic well-being.

enter people like blitz the ambassador and his current kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish making his debut feature film, the burial of kojo; this crowdfunding move necessitated by the fact that all the investors that blitz approached weren’t interested in funding the film. how this connects with the poison of skin bleaching? images. & the power they wield. it is the same social structure that makes it easy for messages like nivea’s to stand and be propagated, that makes it difficult for films like blitz’s to be realised. a film that STARS dark skinned people, and tells a complex human story about them while at it.

back to the kickstarter: there is only about half the time left, and the amount raised thus far is not even up to 50% of the total amount neeeded.

when we consider that with this particular kind of crowdfunding the raiser gets 0% of the money when the full 100% is not realised, we have an example of how very essential counter efforts to our dehumanisation are frustrated and then strangled. then we’re left with kumkum baghya and anti-people leaders who sell a people’s repository of their images to countries like malaysia — who, in turn, burn them.

there is this theory i subscribe to: every act of doing is also an act of undoing — when we create beauty (the burial of kojo & co.), we destroy ugliness (nivea & co.)

it breaks my heart when i see trees being cut down (like uni. of ghana, legon, is foolishly doing), but what joy it would bring to this heart if these billboards are cut down, uprooted.

helping — however we can — blitz make his film is an act of cutting down ugliness, and, therefore, planting beauty. let us choose beauty.


(Watch the pitch video below, and visit The Burial Of Kojo on Kickstarter to learn more about the film and, if you can, contribute to help create beauty.)