On True and False Friendships.

Friends are the mirrors we use to look at ourselves. Relationships help us to come to a full understanding of who we really are. One must trust his friends as much as he trusts himself; If you cannot trust someone whom you have admitted as a friend then you’re ignorant of the meaning of friendship; before it is settled, you must think hard and reasonably for a long while before you admit anyone to your friendship. But when you have decided to admit anyone, welcome him/her into the innermost depths of your heart. Speak to the person about the matters of your heart as you would speak to yourself.

It is not wise to share matters, which should be revealed to friends alone, with any stranger you happen to encounter; you should as well have no fear to confide in your closest intimates.

It is equally faulty to trust everyone and to trust no one. The first fault — to trust everyone — is injurious; the second fault — to trust no one — is safer. But one should be able to find balance:

“Nothing in excess”

You must not be too careful that you keep things to yourself that you could freely share with a friend and you must be able to hold your tongue when in the midst of strangers.