The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

Thank you Elizabeth for a great article, I agree with you from start to finish. I, however, would love to add this. At the beginning Trump insulted all the republicans, who were running along side him. The republican party hated, and I hope they still do, Trump, and played fair game by giving him the nomination. Not the democrats. Two highly ranked white democrat women handed the white house, the senate, and the house to the republicans. The DNC is to be blamed for this, and the super delegate thing should be thrown out the window. Manipulating the primaries thinking that Bernie Sanders had less appeal to the voters, even though his numbers were great, and going for a more “Electable” candidate and picked Hillary Clinton, made the worse candidate in the history of our nation win. This tells us how blind the DNC was, and what kind of person Hillary is.

I just hope that the republicans, if they still have an iota of decency left, along side their counterpart will oppose Trump, and make these next four years bearable. I also hope that Keith Ellison will be chosen as the chair of the DNC, and Bernie Sanders will be given a bigger role within the party.

Finally, as betrayed as I feel by the DNC, I hope that a major house cleaning is on their agenda. They also need to understand that they were chosen by the people to listen and work for the people.