What anxiety feels like
Rishabh Ghelani

Thank you. Excellent description. Here’s my own personal good news and bad news: I’ve been going through this valley of Anxiety since I was 7 or 8 years old. Living here, actually. Existing. I’m now 72 and there has been no let up. Except perhaps, the heart has ever more interesting rhythms. I sincerely believe I’ve tried nearly every therapy, technique, medication, lifestyle and attitude I’ve been able to research or that every earnest person has suggested, whether they were actually informed or not, and all of it helped for 10 minutes. None of the help has ever lasted, despite years long perseverance. I still meditate, take medications when I can tolerate them, live in the present moment, practise clean cognition, avoid rumination, cultivate a loving heart. It all helps and I still fail. Anxiety consumes me on a daily basis; it’s simply a function of my wiring. I’m grateful beyond measure to be alive and am also always, always exhausted by it. I expect it will be like this until one day it isn’t. Heartbreaking and always astonishing.

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