One should not…

You can shoot yourself for not doing it.

⁠⁠⁠It was 3717 ( don’t be scared, it’s only a date), I alighted from a cab on my way to town, while having this conversation with my friend Ajiro then I suddenly felt light. I checked my pockets while running back to see if I can still find the cab I alighted from. Hurriedly, I stopped a bike to see if I could track the cab but I could not. Long and short, my other phone has dropped in the cab.

I happened to have turned off my location on my device. I spoke to my friend who works with a telecommunication company to see what could be done. The process he told me was too long. The first thing was even the most discouraging. Go to the police. “ Police?” I said. I just went home.

I run a tech start up where we fix and sell gadgets online. I never really understood fully when customers send a mail or walk into our offline office to help them track their lost android devices. The “wahala” I have considered is too much and most times not worth it.

That phone contained more than 40gb of files, you should know how I’m feeling.

Just last week, a customer placed an order that he needed to fix his Macbook. He had come into town for a seminar. He needed the system for the seminar he came for, therefore it was urgent. He sent his two systems across a Macbook pro 13 and a Dell laptop.

The diagnosis showed we needed to replace the battery of the Dell system and the hard drive connector of the Macbook pro was bad. The Dell laptop battery was replaced and delivered accordingly.

We had to place an order for the HDD connector. After it arrived, we replaced it. Surprisingly, it didn’t work. We resorted to using another HDD (x) that had a Mac Os on it to see if it was the new HDD connector that was not good but it worked. OK, we tested the customers HDD connector with the HDD (x) it didn’t work. Therefore, the connector was bad. Long and short, we told the customer that we still could no access his HDD.

The customer spoke and explained the importance of his files. While talking, he mentioned he was in a sensitive governmental position.

The first thing that struck me was “You mean you occupy this position and you don’t have back up for your files?”. He must really be careless, I thought to myself.

Anyways, ours was to profer solution. We resorted to file recovery ( that long processed and boring one especially when the customer says he wants all his files). Long and short all we could find after the long process was only folders with files in KB. Wasted effort I thought to myself. I pitied the customer.

Anyways, we reloaded another OS on the device according to the customers request and we delivered.

The funny thing is the customer has refused to pay us. At delivery point, he promised to make the necessary transfer. Since then, he has gone silent and all attempt to reach him has proved abortive. We do sympathize with him but we are running a business and resources had gone into the process.

Well, that’s not the focus here. My focus is this questions:
* Do you have a backup? Backup for your files. Trust me, you may never appreciate the importance of your files until you loose them. The cost of an external HDD is incomparable to the cost of loosing ones files. By the way, there are free cloud drives that can be used. Google drive for example just that may not be enough.

Chude Jideonwo once spoke of how he and his partner had to fight back to retrieve their stolen laptop because of the volume of information they had on it. A proper backup can save you from all that.

One should not postpone his backup plan till tomorrow. It may kill you.


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