Concept of Pest Control and Management in Integrated Approach

The term pest control and pest management are highly used in today’s scenario. Basically, as per the term pest refers to some organisms, fungi or weeds which are always harmful to the health and ecology of the human & his environment. In order to keep ourselves safe from these pests like cockroaches, black and red ants, rats, silver fish, bed bugs, spiders various pest control mechanisms have been adopted.

The life cycle and the surroundings in which pests grow more frequently should be verified properly. Accordingly, people should aware about different pest control mechanism depending upon the kind of pests.

Conceptually, Pest control refers to the regulation or management of such detrimental species. A practitioner of this pest control mechanism is called an exterminator. It is generally seen that most of the pests remain where there are damp conditions.

Keeping the surroundings clean and sprinkling of chemicals is first step of pest management. Pest control services Odisha adopts the modern techniques like electronic devices for effective pest control. Basically electronic pest control system is not pest killers rather it drives away the pests and keep your home free of pests.

There are various well proven methods of pest controls used these days. These are like biological method, Organic method, chemical method, sterilization method etc. In order to counter it properly it requires a series of effective steps being taken in controlling their growth. Recently, latest developments in the control of pests have brought innovative techniques to address all the problems that are associated in controlling pests.

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