New Years Resolution

While thinking of a New Years Resolution last year, I remembered something I wrote from Barcelona…

“What luck. Free entry to the Cathedral of Barcelona. One of the magnificent jewels of a beautiful city. I go inside, and admire the colossal pillars, the ribbed vault ceilings, the intricate details of the golden statues. I sit down near some people in a deep serenity, looking up at the ceiling.

I have no right to sit next near them in their time of deep thoughts, but I take a seat, and begin to reflect on the monumental roman arches, the glowing stain glass, the… “Oh my gosh you’re taking it so wrong. What are you doing.” Two girls beside me take pictures of the ceiling above. “You’re totally ruining the panoramic. That person’s arm is in the picture.” How annoying, I think. They’re totally ruining this experience, I think. But as I sit there, near people who may be engaging in deep thought that’s far beyond my spiritual experience right now, I think, how am I much different from the girls? We all want to delve into the historic landmark, but none of us experience the same thing. I have a different experience from the radical prayers, and the 2 likely Instagram-crazed girls, have drastically different actions than me (sitting there quietly, mind you). But what connects everyone in this cathedral? Care. Maybe care for prayer, care for spirituality, or even just care for a good picture. I’m still a little annoyed by the girls, but am happy they got a good picture.”

I’m hoping for lots of care in all forms this 2018.

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