Men count on women to give them a fair grade. Men trust women’s grade. Men believe what women tell them about themselves (the men). They hear and incorporate the women’s messages deep into their male code.

Listening to women’s evaluation of them is in the men’s best interest. If a man is able to observe/extract/understand the reasons a woman is rejecting him, he may be able to do something to change the situation, win the lady’s favor and propagate his seed through her loins. It’s in the best interest of men to please women. It’s in the best interest of men to have women be pleased enough with them to offer them their precious ovum and womb and maternal commitment.

Few side branches come out of this core phenomenon. Men’s psyche is very big on fairness. They want to be judged fairly and honestly. If a man feels that his woman is not judging him fairly and honestly, he becomes doubtful and cynical of partnering with her.

A woman judging a man fairly and honestly is essentially the mark of a virtuous woman. This is one of the core female virtues — she judges men accurately — for their true worth. She is someone whose evaluation of you as a man can be taken as a solid mark, a reliable grade of your manhood. Do today’s men still feel this way about today’s women?

Increasingly, not. The most cynical and sociopathic men in society are the men for whom this belief in the high virtue of a woman’s evaluation of him has fractured. These are men to whom women’s opinion of them mean either nothing at all, or at least much less than it did when they were starry-eyed boys still beholding the divine feminine in every woman they encountered.

What happens if men en masse start feeing that women’s evaluation of them means nothing at all to them? That they can no longer structure their lives in order to win the affection of a woman, because that affection has been corrupted and diluted. What if they will feel that the women of today is squandering her affection on undeserving men? What if they feel that she is no longer deserving of judging men and pointing them in the direction of a more vigorous and successful manhood?

When this happens, things break. Things fall apart. There is no out from this. Men need women to be selectors. Men need women to be the gatekeepers. If women lose their virtue, if women lose their street-cred, if women lose their place on the pedestal, we all fall.

And we are falling. Women are craving gentlemen while acting very un-lady-like. The archetypes don’t fit any more.

Women recoil at the notion of turning into the 50s gals they see on shows like Mad Men. And at the same time they wish men still wore suits and hats and stood up when a lady walked into the room and had the decency to flirt with a girl before sending her a dick-pick and asking he to suck his cock.

Pick your archetype. Archetypes are real. You actually can’t be easy and be a prize at the same time. You actually can’t be a lady and a whore. Pick your archetype. Pick one dance to dance. And you will manifest less confused dances and less confused dance partners.

You want to judge men? You want to be able to tell men how they should be? You want to be able to accept and reject men? You want to be gatekeepers of the mating dance? Then be virtuous first. Became men may be ga-ga for your curves, but they are not schmucks. They will not be evaluated by someone who is less virtuous than them. Be more virtuous than us if you want to judge us, if you want to guide us towards how we need to be in order to be with you.

What does being a virtuous woman mean? It’s easier to approach this form the relational end. A virtuous woman is one WORTH winning over. Don’t you want to be won over? Don’t you want men to fight for the chance to win you over? Well, do you think the men who are trying to win you over are morons? Why should they want to win you over? What is there worth winning over in you?

What kind of woman do men find worth fighting for? You may think the answer to this is a carnal one. Yes, beauty matters. But the core drive in the soul of a man is not to find the hottest piece of ass, it’s to find the most virtuous woman who would go for him. We lump your beauty into your virtue. But your virtue extends far beyond your beauty.

Women are flailing today because they have deemphasized their virtue beyond their beauty and their sexual utility. Women today are essentially accepting and occupying the criteria of the whore archetype. Men have not reduced you to your sexual utility, you have.

The more that men are able to reduce you to your sexual utility, the less they are able to accept your judgements towards them. Men take their instructions from virtuous women. And a woman who has been reduced merely to her sexual utility is not a virtuous women. She is not a woman worth following. She is not a woman who can inspire.

— Om Rupani