Impact of Offline Boxes

Today, once again Ashley was fully determined to study properly without any distraction from outside sources at all. She sat down to study on her laptop. She was just looking at the notes on her screen when all of a sudden she got a message from one of her friends on Facebook and very quickly her hands moved on to open the Facebook tab, after which she naturally forgot to keep track of the time. After scrolling down Facebook for almost half an hour, Ashley realized she had to study for her test tomorrow but by then, she had lost her concentration completely and just prayed to God that the kid sitting beside her will help her tomorrow.

Well, isn’t this the story of almost every teenager these days? While social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. are extremely necessary in our modern day lives in order to maintain connection with the outside world but they can also lead us to lose our precious time and get addicted with the outside world when not used optimally. Even as adults, we never realize how much valuable time we have wasted while scrolling down these websites. All of us are pissed off at this ridiculous behavior of ours but can’t seem to stop it. Now, what if I tell you that there might be a very smart and simple solution to this complex problem of yours?

A Box that contains only the right amount of information without any constant distractions or addiction from online sources. Such is the power of offline boxes. These boxes when switched on create a “Wi-Fi Signal” which can be easily connected with your devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers and contain only educational content. You can easily upload your own content related to your work or studies which means they are customizable according to your needs. These offline boxes work as your own private server. So, basically it works on similar lines as the internet minus any distractions from the social media websites, cybercrimes or addiction from online games.

These offline boxes are extremely useful at homes and schools. At schools, these boxes can be used by teachers to teach in classes by uploading books, videos, simulations and a lot more on the box. These offline boxes can turn studies into fun and interactive sessions. These offline boxes can also be used in schools to create an E-Library where students can easily access the content taught in class or something else based on their interests. Teachers can also upload their lessons on the boxes which students can download later.

These offline boxes can also be used at homes where parents wish that their kids use the internet but without any distractions as these boxes contain all the content that a student needs. Parents can even make a study plan for their kids based on the content available on the box or even from outside by uploading it on the box.

These offline boxes definitely pave a way for using the internet wisely.

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