In my previous review, I talked comprehensively on this project; Digitex futures exchange. On this article, I will be a little brief but comprehensive about the Digitex futures exchange.


Problem of exchanges

High commission on Users

We all know that exchanges around the world made their profits by the changes they realized from their users or customers. This has been the old ways of doing things. Most times, the charges imposed by exchange owners on users for carrying out trades on their platforms is very high.

Centralized system of operation and decision making

On the other hand, users also have to make do with any decision taken by the owners of such exchanges. In other words, most exchanges make decision by just their own conclusion and interest making them a centralized system of operation where policies and decisions are made by just a centered body or individual (the exchange).

Private key custodian

The above situation are worsen coupled with the fact that users private key, which serve as the pass to their wallet, is being held or controlled by the exchanges themselves. This has left the users no option but to comply with every decisions made by the exchange.


On this article, I will summarized the features of the Digitex futures exchange. A comprehensive review of this exchange is can be found in my steemit account on my digitex review


No trading fees

Digitex futures exchange is an exchange that operates without levying or charging commissions on trades entered by it users. Not only does it now charge it users, it also leave every decision to be made in the hands of it users.


The Digitex token is the backbone currency of the platform. Below is the benefits of holders of the token on the Digitex futures exchange platform.

  • To ensure the Digitex Futures Exchange never cease to operate and also determine the amount of the token to be used for operating the exchange. (This function of the DGTX holder will be discussed below).
  • To avoid creating too much new DGTX token in circulation that will devalue their own holding or the token. This is to say that DGTX holders are the decision makers of the exchange and not a single or center decision making system.

The DGTX token shall be minted every year in order to regulate and give it a value. This will be done by simple voting by individual holders of the token making it a decentralized and democratic system of operation; the voice of the people will be it terms.


It is crystal clear that the Digitex futures exchange would be one of the top exchange medium among the rest. It features are promising as explained on my steemit Digitex review here. However, it is better to note that the benefits of trading on the Digitex exchange are limitless. Users will be able to have their assets in their own hands since decisions would be made by them.

On the other hand, users will no longer worry on charges or commission they will have to pay when they initiate trades on exchanges.

With this strong foundation, Digitex would be every futures trader favorite exchange. In business ethics, no sane trader will want to pay high charges for trade. Rather, traders will patronized the platform because they will want to maximized profit they make and Digitex is just the right platform for them.


Digitex futures exchange is founded by Adam Todd. He is been brewed in the exchanged industry. He is the Ex pit-trader on the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE). He also founded BetTrader.


This article is just a little summary of the Digitex Futures exchange. You can read more about it in my steemit Digitex review here. Also, visit the Digitex Futures Exchange website and other mediums follow:

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Thank you for reading this summary on the Digitex Futures.

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