OnePageX: Simple and user friendly conversion platform


As different cryptocurrencies and tokens are being introduced into the crypto market, the tendency of conversion from one cryptocurrency to the other will also be on an increasing end. Due to the nature of the blockchain that permits every single asset launched on the blockchain to have it own token, there is bound to be thousands or millions of tokens functioning as accepted tokens on the blockchain in the future. There is therefore need for an easy conversion medium that is simple and updated on current exchange rates of the different cryptocurrencies in existence. The OnePageX platform is just the right platform to convert cryptocurrencies from one to another.


As the name implies, “One page Exchange” is simply a conversion platform where cryptocurrencies can be converted from one to another in a single user friendly interface as shown in the picture below.

OnePageX simple platform


  1. NO SIGNUP TROUBLES: In the OnepageX converter platform, there is no need for initial sign up before users can convert from one cryptocurrency to another.
  2. Simple and user friendly interface: The OnePageX cryptocurrency converter has a very user friendly interface. There are no tedious navigation around the page before one can make a conversion.
  3. Largest Selection of Currencies: As new technology are launched on the blockchain so also the OnePageX will integrate them into it data base for conversion. That is to say it is working towards integrating as many crytocurrencies as possible into the platform. Unlike most other converter that are just a single currency converter (e.g converting only from Bitcoin to Ethereum).
  4. OneBox Widget Integration: This feature of the OneBox Widget is a very important feature of the OnePageX. It is a code that can be copied into any website and can convert from one cryptocurrrency to another using the OnePageX platform right there in the website. Any web developer especially cryptocurrency and blockchain related web developers can integrate this OneBox Widget into the code of their website and their users can use the OnePageX on the website without necessarily going to the OnePageX home page for conversion. The code is shown below:

<div style=”display: flex; justify-content: center;”><iframe src=”" width=”800" height=”400" style=”border: none;”>Unable To Load Widget</iframe></div>

The OnePageX charges 0.5% on all transactions done on the platform.

For more information, learn more about the OnePageX on their website below:



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