Orgrimmar — Imperialism & An International Response

Orgrimmar, recently, has been making news — not the good kind. For those without background, Orgrimmar is a small nation, originally based in the southern desert. Some time later, their claim was massively expanded into nations declared defunct by the census.

Orgrimmar’s Expanded Claims Map

Orgrimmar’s claims over multiple active nations were quickly contested by multiple nations. Ayutia gave Orgrimmar 24 hours to change their claims, lest they declare war. Prior to that, Orgrimmar had raided Kharkannos. Orgrimmar then downsized its claims to just the desert island and declared that no trespassers would be allowed after Orgrimmar itself was attacked.

Orgrimmar raided Uzoq twice. Orgrimmar eventually moved its claims to a small set of islands south of Prodythe, which were contested by /u/uxiotic. After, Uzoq, with the help of Berlynne, defended their sanctuary from the second Orgrimmarian attack.

This event is an example of blatant imperialism, first and foremost. Orgrimmar claimed land that, until recently, was still claimed. In addition, Orgrimmar then quickly downsized its claims in an attempt to reduce damage after-the-fact.

This event also shows that a large international community is in place. That is a good thing. The nations of the server do not ignore problems that don’t directly affect them. And that means that the future is bright.