A Fun Project For Hackers: Delete Capitalism

You always hear about hackers stealing information from credit card companies but what if instead of stealing it they destroyed it? How come you never hear about hackers trying to completely eliminate some valuable data? I’m sure what with backups and bytes zapping all over the globe constantly it would be pretty hard. Much harder than just stealing the data. But that’s what makes it such a great challenge!

Anyone can steal some info but are you hacker enough to fuckin’ totally make it disappear forever dude? What’re you some sort of nOOb just copying a dumb database to your thumb drive? Real l33t ass h@xOrs wipe data off the face of the earth!

It’s impossible you say? There are too many redundancies built into the system? To that I challengingly retort: have you considered just corrupting the data to the point that it’s not reliable enough to stand up in court? Seems pretty much as good as erasing it altogether right? But IMO if you can delete the data just go ahead and delete it. That would be the chillest scenario.

I’m not sure if encouraging cyber-crime is against the patriot act or whatever but I want to make it abundantly clear that that is NOT what I’m doing here! This is an excerpt from a screenplay I’m writing where some nerd ass blogger does that. Blogging is bad who even blogs anymore how mortifying. I personally limit my weekday screen time to bullying teens on yikyak and sending prompt, professional email replies. The rest of the day I devote fully to respecting the laws of the United State of America. Please do not hack anyone hacking is bad. If you were to wipe out a large chunk of credit card debt and become a legendary folk hero that would be bad. This is 100% SATIRE and I totally know what that word means.

A list of good targets for data annihilation:
Credit card companies
Student loan debt holders
The criminal justice system
The European Commission
The European Central Bank
The International Monetary Fund
Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York (possible to delete him?)
Happy Madison Productions
Stanford University

A list of people/organizations to not target who are nice and good:
Me :)

Thank you in advance hackers.

Please do not flame me on twitter @on3ness

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