According to Google, it means believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. I am about to discuss the wrong interpretations of it.

Case 1
This is related to the debate around/surrounding the surge-pricing model of Uber, Ola and other players in the same the market. People talk like they are entitled to Uber and Ola cabs like basic government transportation services like buses and trains and yet they want surge-pricing to be controlled or worse, removed. One of my friends was like —
I want to go to Indira Nagar from Whitefield. There are no freaking buses at 9:30 pm on a Saturday night and the auto guys are trying to rip me off. My only option is to book an Uber or an Ola. In this situation, they shouldn’t charge a surged-price. Heck these companies need to be regulated regarding this surge-pricing model“.

Case 2
I was traveling from my home, Kalpakkam, on the night of the Tamil Nadu State Elections. State run buses were scarce by the time it was 6:30 in the evening. I was and am lucky to have boarded a Bengaluru bound bus with a booked ticket in hand. By the time the bus had touched the East Coast Road, I didn’t have a clue if people were stranded. The frequency of the Pondy-Chennai buses was reduced to 2–3 buses for 2 hours.

The conductor and the driver of the bus I was traveling in, are amazing human beings, if you ask me. Given the option of relaxing and chilling at home on a goverment holiday, they decided not to rest and help the stranded passengers en-route to their respective destinations in whatever form they could. They were many kind souls doing this in different places.

Given the context and the circumstances, if the bus is crowded or late by a little bit, we shouldn’t ideally complain since those kind human beings are ferrying as many passengers as they can. That’s the ideal scenario, right? There are bound to be exceptions. There are bound to be assholes in the bus. One such asshole is a female who was a year older than me. At 3am in the morning, she was fighting with the conductor that they were stopping an unnecessary places, letting passengers and thereby making the travel for “reserved passengers” uncomfortable. Apparently, it was late as well. Fucking entitlement.
Next up is an asshole who was initially desperate for a bus to Bengaluru while he was stranded in Chengalpattu but turned into a cocky piece of shiite when he was asked to move a bit to make room for newly boarded passengers who were standing like he did a couple of hours ago. The worst part was that he was arguing with the conductor that he shouldn’t be asked to move. Fucking entitlement.

Never hinder the efforts of someone trying to help you. You’re NOT entitled for that, you shiite. He/she/it is doing it out of their own goodwill. Not because they’re forced to.

The bus conductor/driver aren’t going to get awards/special mentions for their timely help, are they? All they asked us was to adjust for a while considering the situation across the state.

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