You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

This is largely just more brainwashed entitled feminist canon. It’s all pervasive in television and media these days so we can’t really blame the writer for being so cluelessly indoctrinated.

Sorry, but the reality is women are more likely to leave work to care for children and request schedule flexibility. Women also tend to avoid traditional high-wage high-skill high-craft industries. Women also tend to be less assertive in demanding wage increases. In short, Dina is just wrong, enjoys playing the victim and doesn’t understand the real factors at play.

And, the question of terminating a life ought to be allowed input from scientists of any gender possessing a window and insight into fetal consciousness. Since the top scientists are overwhelming men, as they will be, as men demonstrably dominate at high ratio when it comes to greater levels of intelligence, they damn well ought to have a say. If you in fact care about the life you’re terminating as you claim and not you’re own selfish needs… We’ll probably all be better off when can remove women from the reproduction equation altogether with newly developed artificial eggs. Phase them out of existence, so we don’t have to read unintelligent articles such as this over and over…

Also, as much as you’d like to be able to accuse any man you meet of rape without any burden of proof whatever, thank god women are at least held to some standard, though its way too small already… I understand you probably regularly watch Law and Order SVU and think that misandrist rubbish somehow represents actually society and how the typical man behave. Again congrats on your indoctrination and enjoy your lesbian sex!

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