Nasty C/Bad Hair Album Cover

In the early hours of today, 23rd September 2020, African Creativity hub — 49thStreet posted a tweet reminding music lovers of the fourth anniversary of Nasty C’s debut album, Bad Hair.

So, why am I doing this?

Long story short, I was two months away from clocking 18 when Nasty C released Bad Hair. Before then, I can agree that I was still a newbie to the Hip-Hop Culture outside Nigeria.

Like a lot of Nigerians, I listened to Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Drake. Then, J. Cole. At that point in my life, discovering his 2014 Forest Hills Drive…

These fundamentals should determine your copywriting process

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Last month, I completed a copywriting course on Udemy. And I enjoyed it!

Before I took the course, I had previously completed copywriting gigs. But I needed something more.

Something with a fresh perspective. Fortunately, I stumbled on some copywriting courses on Udemy.

With a few minutes of deep-dive into the description of some courses, I found one to settle for.

Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy that Sells in 2020 by Evan Kimbrell.

Having completed it, I thought to share some knowledge to everyone interested, especially the newbies.

So, I’m starting a copywriting series. This is because there are lots of…

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

The truth it, not everyone will read your blog post or article. Even when they do, they hardly make it to the end.

It’s not out of spite or anything negative. And it’s not because your content is irrelevant.

The thing is, most people grow tired of reading nonfiction. Concentration level is also lacking. Not to forget that online readers are tired of reading academic-style and non-conversational blog posts and articles.

For these reasons, writers need to create natural and conversational content.

Are you a budding writer? Or do you run a blog? Think you need to improve the tone…

Contrary to pop culture, being involved in one creative position or career is not all magical. It requires a significant dose of consistency, dedication, and zeal. As people who majorly engage in brain and mind work, it’s not strange that creatives face some down-time. After all, some will tell you they’ve had their fair share of mental blocks at some period. Others will tell you of periods of uncertainty about how good or valuable their crafts are.

It’s no myth that the diverse skills of creatives (ranging from writing, designing, photography, content creation, and many more) are regarded as natural…

My father was a monk. Then he died. His death did not surprise me. Why? Death was my family’s plague. Other families had plagues too. Some battled with tumors of various sizes, others had madness coursing through their veins, and a handful simply had a generation of men and women with bad hair.

But ours was death. It was like we had communion with it. We couldn’t deny it, and we found it hard to avoid it. So damning that even marriage couldn’t prevent it. You get married into our family; you join the communion table.

The communion table is…

In today’s world, content is king! From Twitter to Instagram and Facebook posts, YouTube videos, radio and television show scripts, blog or website visuals and write-ups… and whatever you can find online, they are curated by content creators who work pretty hard to grasp the attention of online audiences.

To be clear, content is beyond written articles or blog posts. It is the short copies and ads employed by companies and brands that want to attract prospective clients and customers. Content is the script and outline played out on radio and TV shows. YouTubers and vloggers are content creators. They…

No matter the field or niche you find yourself in, being productive is a priority. In simple terms, productivity is related to output. If you offer a service to people, do you meet deadlines? If you sell products online, do you deliver within your supposed delivery date? All these and many more are associated with productivity.

Productivity affects your work-rate, end-result, efficiency, and yield. In any field — especially that of freelancing — it’s great to consider your level of productivity. After all, you mostly earn according to your work-rate and how efficiently you complete your tasks.

For instance, if…

More often than not, the word ‘ghostwriting’ is associated with pop culture (specifically, music). It also a buzzing word in the book publication scene, especially for celebrity memoirs.

Regardless, ghostwriting is even more popular amongst online content. A good number of the blog posts and website articles you consume were written by ghostwriters.

Yes, it’s a thing!

Ghostwriting is far from complicated. It’s simply a process. A writer creates the content without getting the credit when posted.

As a ghostwriter, you allow another to put their name on your work.

That’s not all!

The person or organization who commissions the…

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