Hey buddies, do you remember that at a certain 5 - 10 years ago, to say that you’re an EDUCATION STUDENT was to say that "there was no future for you?" if there was gonna be one, it would one of a head teacher in SOME SCHOOL, most likely rural.... You get it.

Case in point (Nigeria)

Fast forward to 2015, (should that be rewind?) everyone is getting a PGDE now, everyone is drifting to get a degree in EDUCATION.

what does this tell you?

A take of a suburban kid:
-- Remain in your lane, the world is constantly rotating and soon, it would come to you, just make sure you’re well equipped when that happens.

-- Believe in yourself, I cannot stress this enough, believe in your craft.

-- Make a lot of IFs and ASSUMPTIONS.

The world awaits your genius

Dough Onah