How can L. I. F. E. be a Competition? —


Life isn't a Competition.

I know you've read this a million times, I know.

I also I know that sometimes, life feels like a competition, but it's really not.

"It's not. How can Living in Fulfillment Everyday be a competition? 
(L. I. F. E)

In #YALA we know this TRUTH as #LIFE is often LIKEN to a #dog #race, and I don't mean the monetized sport here. I mean the actual domestic race two dogs engage themselves in, where they both start off really fast and NICE, 🐶 1, pursues the other, gets AHEAD to WAIT for his buddy, where he makes sure his buddy gets some air, enjoys what it is to be enjoyed at the level, catch up and over take, 🐶 1 then tries to catch up again while 🐶 returns the favor, they both remain NICE the entire time for they know "there's no fun in wining ALONE"

- SUCCESS is best enjoyed when shared.

-There's an inevitable end to life, question is, would you rather show up to that end alone or hold hands with your network of friends, very esteem colleagues and goons?


Get on a creative plane - where all life has and serves its peculiar purpose in bits, as it builds up to the BIG PICTURE of leaving a better atmosphere and planet for our children, and most importantly, leaving BETTER CHILDREN for our dear planet 🌏.

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