There’s a genius in very MAN — Onah Owojoku Dough.

Model (Onah Jennifer)

4 MONTHS and BAM!!! It’s 2018.

The gifts you were given, is supposed to be shared.

- Do not keep it to yourself.

How else is God to express himself through you to the world Huh?

Your gifts might ache, it might keep you up at night and you would wonder why and what not, in all, resist the DEFAULT SETTING to 'keep it to yourself' for what people would say — Dough Onah

You cannot let 'the people' decide what you do.

-- That idea, Pursue it relentlessly -

-- That career, Begin to build your portfolio right there on your bed and in your living room -

-- That innovation, Baby steps baby, baby steps.

-- That skill you heart yarns for, pick it up and manifest the creativity and greatness that lies within.

-- Start now, start with what you have.

Get folks involved and be a blessing to the world around you.

Dough Onah.

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