16 thoughts I have when I go grocery shopping

1. Why is the line so long?
2. I think I need a bigger cart.
3. Wait, I just came here to buy eggs, oats and bread.
4. Psst. Dude I was in the line before you.
5. Is it 5 pm already?
6. Should I buy this 400 calories cupcake? *googles how to burn off 400 calories*
7. Wait, how did my total amount to $100. The universe is conspiring against me. Oh, I remember, it’s probably these fancy french chocolate. Hmm, oh well. It’s french chocolate.
8. *Stacks 2 buckets of ice cream* The woman beside me is probably silently judging me. It’s going to last for 3 weeks anyway. *Finishes ice-cream in 6 days*
9. I am hungry.
10. Why is this food, so expensive. I don’t understand. It looks so good.
walks away
returns back to food item
*puts it in cart*
11. Fish? Chicken?
12. There is a sale. Cereal is on sale. *Grabs 8*
13. I should go pay now.
14. That line. Lord, help me!
15. Is there an express line here?
Gets reply: Yes
Looks at stuff
Do I really need all these?
Yes! of course.
Hmm, maybe not.
Looks at express line.
Nah, I’ll just wait.
16. I am really really hungry.