Poetry of a broken record.

“We are going to the promised land”,Majek Fashak’s hit single promise land plays in the background.

“I hope you are ready”, He continues.

Born in Benin, Nigeria, Majekodunmi Fasheke inherited his love of music for his mother. It’s known that Edo people have a well-versed tongue that is as elaborate as their costumes. His father died when he was 11 years old.

His mother took the helms of the home and worked hard to provide for her family. Often times she would attend religious ceremonies and Majek would follow. He soon learned how to play the maracas.

As he grew, Majek’s music interests diversified but he was heavenly influenced by the sounds of Jamaica and India. When Majek was in high school he joined a band named the Jah Stix. Through his band, he played in clubs in the then capital city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Majekodunmi Fasheke literally means “power of miracles, the high priest does not live.” He would grow up to become a prisoner of time.

From 1980–1988, Majek career soared. He won several awards for his hit single,”Send Down The Rain.”

By 1992, Majek appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in support of his new 1991 album and performed the song “So Long Too Long” for the television audience.

He was on his way to fame. That was the peak of his career, then everything good concerning his music stopped. He became like the sound of a heart rate monitor when the heart has stopped beating. Dead.

That was the last we heard of him.

Time decided to play another trick on him. In 2015 he was all over Nigerian media. Majek was bankrupt and batteling drug addictions.

To say he looked like a ghost of his past is a grave understatement. A fragile man, once full of life now looked like a broken record. Played over and over again. The vinyl disk is broken and in need of repair.

Majek’s wife left him since before his 2015 incident. He has 4 children with her.

Awoken from his slumber, Majek has picked up his broken record, wiped it clean and taken it out for repair. He is currently in rehab in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

One day this broken record will play again.

This article originally appeared on Lunavas.com

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