For almost a year, I’ve thought about, and attempted to, write this cliched-goodbye post for Podium. I knew Podium’s time had come and gone. But after multiple attempts at writing something worthy of the energy I put into the platform, I couldn’t press the button.

Whatever I wrote, it didn’t feel like it was doing Podium “justice”. This is because Mustafa and I invested countless hours into our project. Into brainstorming, and designing, and programming, and debugging, and pitching everything Podium. Yes, we invested money, but more than that, we invested our time and energy.

I could share statistics on how many talks we posted, how many emails we sent, how many users we had. But that doesn’t actually address the difficulty in writing this post, and in shutting down Podium.

It’s that we gave a significant amount of our time and energy to something we really believed in: promoting continuing education in Toronto. This was, and is, something Mustafa and I wanted in our lives, and Podium was our manifestation of that.

So maybe with just a whimper at this point: Goodbye Podium.
We gave you everything we could, while we could.
And Mustafa and I promise to give whatever energy and time we can to our other passions.

Thank you to Monica Zaczynski who helped run Podium in Ottawa.
To the dozens of people who gave us feedback on what could be improved.
And to our community for staying with us for as long as you did.

Oliver Nassar & Mustafa Al-Qinneh

Product and Web Developer in Toronto.

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