Ona Tarazz
Mar 15 · 1 min read

How un-ironically funny your stance about violation is. So, is it only a violation when the human animal kills or does it extend to carnivores too? is it a violation if we do not prevent a killing from a carnivore?

Sorry, but your fallacious argument does not help your vegan stance a bit (unless an ignorant and gullible person is your target). It seems clear to me that you rather be ill or die (which is inevitable when following a vegan diet) than eating what is NECESSARY for humans to survive and thrive. It is a violation from every perspective to tell others to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of another specie.

I have made a video where you can see that your lifestyle is actually a violation committed against this planet: https://youtu.be/Z8RjPMyNXNs

    Ona Tarazz

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