The Best Day Ever

After a slow start to the day, drinking flat white coffee made from locally roasted beans and my Sanremo expresso machine, it was off to the farm. On the trailer was one hundred meters of eucalyptus 4x1s that had been milled the day before at a local sawmill. It was too heavy to get up the gravel driveway so I unloaded half of it at the gate. After stacking the first half I headed off to the neighbours place to borrow his tractor. Dogs in tow, I swung by the gate to pick up the rest of the wood.

Dogs and Lumber
Drying Lumber

We were at a friends place for dinner the previous night. Richard is an amazing cook and I had the pleasure of taking some left-overs for lunch.

We cut some terraces last weekend and a local wholesale landscaping supplier dropped twelve tons of compost off during the week. Unfortunately the ground was too wet to get the truck all the way to the terraces, so we had it dumped as close as we could.

I spent the afternoon carting the compost to the terraced veggie patch.

The rest is up to Swenja, so whilst drinking celebratory beer, I enjoyed the view over my little slice of paradise and headed back home where pasta lessons awaited me.

I think it might take a bit more practice before we get as good as Ljuba.

We enjoyed another awesome meal with a bottle of Ljuba’s favourite tuscan wine and a spectacular South Otago Pino Noir made by Richard’s brother.