Making your own calendar

A while ago, I came across with an article. This guy was explaining how he made his custom calendar to help him to improve and keep track about his greater goals in his life. So it sounded inspiring and I decided to give it a shot.

The idea is, we all use timekeeping and planing tools in our daily lives and we check them a lot of times during our days. So why not we also add new functions as to keep track of our progress in the activities we want to keep doing in longer term.

For making your custom calendar, first you need to synthesis what you really want to do. We all have very busy lives and we struggle to find time for doing the things we say we were going to. And most of the time, we get distracted and loose track of those greater goals. So first job is finding out those goals.

For me, I created 3 main categories that I wanted to do everyday.

First one I want to be physical. I want to do something physically that will keep me fresh, strong and healthy. For me right now, running and going to gym are the two things that I can say keeps me physical. And since I moved to New York, I’m running pretty often and the days I don’t feel like running, I try to go to gym even for 15–20 min workout. I think, this will be the easiest category to achieve daily for me.

Second category is mental improvement. I want to improve my self mentally as well. After graduation, I had plenty much time for reading but I feel like, just reading is not enough. I need to keep creating and use my critical thinking more often. I feel like getting rusty with that recently. Reading feels like just data input to my brain and I need to synthesis, analyze these data and create opinions to create knowledge. So thats why, I decided to everyday spend time to think about some interesting ideas and try to write some opinions about it. It doesn’t have to be a blog, journal or anything serious. It is more of a brain exercise for me to keep doing everyday. And if I feel like sharing some thoughts I will be posting it in medium. My goal with that is to be better at expressing my thoughts (as you guys can see with my first attempt of writing, I’m horrible with that)

Oh! also, I want to meditate. I read an article about it which, was saying that, it helps you to concentrate, clear out your mind and increase your attention spawn. So, I’m going to add meditating into my daily mental exercise as well. I will start small, every morning for 5 min and will increase it with time.

Third and last category is knowledge. This is the most classical one and I think, I have been doing this almost everyday already. It is about reading, watching and searching to get new knowledge about interesting ideas everyday. I have a routine that everyday I check some websites, newspapers and youtube for learning new information. I recently started reading medium’s more often. I found some inspiring articles in here and decided that I should follow this platform more frequently.

Okay, so let me explain the calendar;

How does it work?

So after I decided what I want to do everyday as routine, I created this calendar tool as to be my new routine that I will be checking my weekly plans and tracking my progress. Instead of drawing it with pen and paper, I decided to draw it in illustrator to make it more legit.

Here how it works;

It is like a regular calendar where you write down and plan your week but in each corner of the days, I put boxes to tick. These boxes represents each category P (physical), M (mental), K (knowledge). When I do my goals, I will be ticking those small boxes and tracking my progress each day. I believe, tracking will create an essence that, pushes me to keep doing more.

I also decided that, putting this calendar on my table permanently will be the best place for it. Because %90 of my days, I wake up, wash my face, make coffee and go to my room to read news, check emails while the coffee kicks in. Thats my morning routine. Thats where I plan for my days and weeks. This would be the best spot for me to have this calendar in my new routine. I also didn’t want to make it mobile to carry it around in my day because I want to create a new routine, a moment, a physical space for life status check.

Why physical calendar? I like the idea of facing physical representation of the month more frequently. So that I can also track how the days, weeks, months passes. I feel like, it will make me more conscious about time.

Okay, lets see how it goes. I will be giving it a trial on August and September. If, I feel like editing it or changing it, I will make another post about it.