Project Beatrips

Phase 1: Understanding

Beatrips is one of my close friend’s digital startup which he has been working on it over a year. It is basically an app where you check for what events happening around your current location in the city, look for advice from curated list/blogs and buy tickets for events. It has an acceptable amount of downloads and usage but he is struggling with getting investment. Recently, he, I and another UX/UI designer friend decided to take some actions to boost beatrips for making it more appealing and differentiate from other similar services.

First starting with understanding

We first decided to understand the value that has being created for the users. We took a close look how the app interacts with the users and how it effects users journeys of going out for an event and so. As a start, it is important to understand what’s working and what’s not. We also tried to gain knowledge from startup owner friend about the nightlife, events and how the entertainment business works as an expert in the field.

Going for exploration

The purpose of our research is to inspire ourselves to generate innovative ideas.

After doing a small brainstorm of the current product, user journeys and better understanding the current market, our first decision was to make a research with our audience for understanding the core values deeper so, we can create more attracting service with the newer version. Our goal in here is not only making comprehensive research to tweak small changes in the app, also we are trying to explore new ideas in this domain which can be fire starter for new ideas. So first thing first, we should be knowing what we are researching and who we want to speak to.

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