Life Is Not An Accident

It is not good for you to believe that your life just happened by chance; that your life just took place at this time and in this place for no purpose; that you are just an accident of D.N.A. that only came together because of the X or Y chromosomes of your parents; that this life, on this planet, has no meaning, and that “stuff” just happens and everything is a coincidence. What I don’t like about this attitude is the way it subtly suggests that I am nothing; that my life is unimportant and that whatever I do has little impact on the world. It is the small-mindedness of other people and their lack of love for neighbour that allows this idea to pervade our culture.

It is a matter of faith to me, as a Roman Catholic, that I believe that, from all eternity, God willed that I live at this time, in this place, and that I was put on this earth for a purpose. In this faith, I gain much meaningfulness concerning the ultimate purpose of my life.

However, you don’t have to be religious to believe this. Many people who profess no religious faith at all still believe in a personal philosophy that has meaning for them, and part of this philosophy of life is the fact that they believe that their lives have a reason for their existence and that they were put on this earth for a purpose.

I invite you to entertain this vision in your quest towards personal excellence and self-mastery. It is, I believe, an absolute essential if you want to live the life of your dreams, since it is the mainstay of that life, the foundation of your vision. Before you can start working towards your dream life, you must first have the understanding that there is a point in having a dream. If you don’t believe life has a meaning, then why bother having a dream for it?

Some people might argue that we make a dream because it creates meaning; it brings purpose into an otherwise meaningless life. However, I don’t agree — we should start by believing that our life has a purpose — we just don’t know what it is yet, rather than believe it has no purpose, so we have to create one. If you believe that your life has no purpose, then you are starting your dream life from a hole to begin with, plus it reveals a “lack mentality”, which is one of the worst things for personal development.

So believe that your life has a purpose! If that’s hard for you, then start small and consider all the things you have — your parents, brothers and sisters, friends and other people. Think of the time when you were only 4 years old, lost in the crowd at the fun fair for a short time and you couldn’t find your mother — how that nice lady showed you the way to find her and found your mother for you. Start by entertaining the possibility that life has purpose and meaning, then events will start happening and memories will pop out of the woodwork to prove it!

I hope you find your purpose in life and gain all happiness from living it!