Jerry Hairston is using Oncam to give Dodger fans a new way to connect with the game

Summer is nearing and baseball is underway. In the city of Los Angeles, former Dodger and current SportsNet LA Broadcaster, Jerry Hairston has been using Oncam to give Dodger fans a LIVE and unique way to connect to the game. Oncam is a new app that allows it’s users to group video-call an unlimited number of friends, or millions of fans across any mobile device, for free. By using Oncam’s call “all my followers” feature, Jerry is not only able to broadcast to all his followers, but interact with them by bringing them in and out of the call, live. Jerry was chatting with up to five fans at a time answering questions face to face, while rotating though all of his fans currently watching his call.

Jerry was able to share a few moments and give us his thoughts about his Oncam experience.

We saw you doing a live broadcast and noticed you brought into the call a kid in math class. Were there any other times where you were surprised by who was watching?

I think that was the most surprising. She said the teacher was a little boring so she tuned in. Usually people are at work or at home watching TV.

What’s the best question you’ve been asked by a fan?

I think more than the questions, I’ve been happy to see fans get a kick out of seeing players live and getting the chance to meet them.

You’ve taken advantage of Oncam’s mobile broadcasting abilities by doing shows from the studio, on the field, and even a news show. What’s your favorite part about Oncam?

I think this goes along with question 2. Seeing the fans reactions to watching batting practice and meeting players. They start tripping out. Great to see.

If you could #DropIn on anyone, who would it be? Why?

Rob Gronkowski. Pure entertainment.

Who would be in your top 6 Group Video Chat?
a. Selma Hayek
b. Scarlett Johansen
c. Chris Rock
d. The Rock
e. George Clooney
f. Brad Pitt
We’d all talk about how we’re gonna make Oceans 14 together!!

To join Jerry and his live video calls, follow him on Oncam at @therealjhair. He will be hosting live pre- and post-game calls regularly.