ClimateForce Solution#1: Use smart power strips to eliminate electricity leakage

Clever power strip usage can improve your quality of life while helping you live more sustainably

If you are reading this, chances are you have up to 40 electronic products constantly plugged into the grid through your house. According to the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, a US government lab run by the Department of Energy, the ‘standby power’ consumed by electronic products account for nearly 10% of all residential electricity use.

Fortunately, there are a couple smart options for you to put a stake through the heart of ‘vampire loads’ with a bit of knowledge and some clever power strips.

Read on to learn how to stop electricity leakage and get our one-click solutions

By far and away, the biggest draw of phantom power is your TV screen and associated set-top boxes (DVD, DVR, Satellite, gaming consoles). Video setups, as well as audio set-ups, are particularly good opportunities to save money and electricity emissions using power strip solutions because they are typically used as a cluster; if your TV is off, you certainly don’t need your satellite box to be sucking power. Close runner up in the ghost power ranks are computer notebooks — turns out leaving your laptop plugged after being fully charged is costing you money!

So what are your options? Below are our top picks for smart power strips you can order today:

There’s an app for that’ Power Strip: The highly-reviewed, widely-acclaimed Teckin line of smart plugs allows you to set a schedule for each individual appliance, controllable remotely by a free app. These convenient power strips are your entry-level smart-home ‘enablers’ and are surprisingly affordable. And while not everyone has (or wants) a smart home assistant like Alexa or Google Home, for those that do, these are the strips for that.

→ One Click Solution: Teckin 4 plug x 4 USB, $26.99 on Amazon

Motion-sensored energy efficiency: Imagine walking out of a room knowing that everything will not only turn off in your absence, but prevent appliances from leaking electricity. Motion-sensored strips include ‘always-on’ plugs for devices you want active even when no one’s around — answering machines, for example — and plugs that activate only when someone is around. Particularly good for the office !

→ One Click Solutions: Isole 8 plug, $81.95 on Amazon, Tricklestar 8 plug, $39.99 on Amazon

Manual control but convenient: The problem with automatic features is that sometimes it feels you’re giving up control — while manually unplugging or switching often doesn’t make spatial sense. Fortunately, when it comes to controlling your power you can just get a smart strip with a wireless switch, so turning on the juice is as simple as flipping a switch — wherever it’s most convenient.

→ One Click Solution: Belkin 8 plug with wireless flip switch, $35.39 on Amazon

Simplicity please: No frill smart strips simply include ‘Master’ and eco-plugs that only allow current through when the appliance plugged into the Master plug is actively being used. This allows you to make sure your speakers, VCR, etc aren’t drawing power unless you are actually using your TV or screen, for example. These options include sensitivity knobs so the strip knows the difference between a Master appliance on standby and actively being used to juice its peripherals. And, of course, ‘always on’ plugs are included as well.

→ One Click Solutions: Bits 7 plug, $26.95 on Amazon, APC 8 plug, $25.43 on Amazon, Tricklestar 7 plug, 25.99 on Amazon

Depending on the kind of work you do, these smart power strips could have a huge impact on your office footprint. If you think your workplace has appetite for energy savings, consider this thought on price and cost-savings: Each product above, including shipping, handling and even delivery CO2 offset, costs less than $100. How quickly will it pay for itself? Well, let’s think about that 10% wastage. For many Americans, typical household electricity bill easily run above $1,000 per year. You do the math. How quickly can you make this investment in your footprint reduction pay off? Comment below.

TL;DR: Eliminate electricity leakage and knock 10% off your home electricity bill by ordering a smart power strip

  • Solution #1: Use smart power strips to eliminate electricity leakage
  • Potential CO2 impact: 0.7 tons / year (1,400 pounds)