Andy and Lily Chapter 2

Andy was tired, she wasn’t sleeping well, and Lilly snored all night, it was annoying. She ran her hand over the steamed up mirror, and cleared a spot so she could inspect her face. Her eyes were blood shot, and she needed a haircut. Well there was no time for haircuts today, she would definitely have to try and sort one out soon though, she was beginning to look a mess. She walked out of the bathroom, and into the bedroom, the change in temperature giving her goose pimples. When would the summer bloody arrive, everyday just rain, rain, rain.

She went to the cupboard and pulled out the first shirt she put her hands on, it was plaid. Lord she really was a dyke wasn’t she. She put it on, not bothering to put on a bra, her breasts were small and perky enough that she didn’t need one. She put on a pair of knickers and pulled on her jeans. She put some gel in her hair, and gave it a perfunctory brush. She knew she really had to try harder with her appearance. Recently she was beginning to think that Lilly wasn’t attracted to her anymore. It annoyed her that Lilly was forever going on and on about some woman at work, Clare. She and Clare were always going for lunch, or sneaking to the sales or having a coffee after work. Andy had seen Clare, she was gorgeous, and Andy suspected she might well be more than a little bit gay. She resented the fact that Lilly spent so much time around this woman. However, there wasn’t much she could do about it right now, she had a lot to take care of. This business wasn’t going to run itself now was it.

She grabbed her wallet off the dresser and a pair of clean socks from the top drawer, and trotted down stairs. She sat on the second to last step and pulled on her socks and then put on her trainers. Standing up, she shouted goodbye to Lilly and without waiting for an answer went out the door into the rainy cold morning.

The rain was that fine sprinkling, that never quite got you wet, but was significant enough to make walking without an umbrella uncomfortable and annoying. Andy hated umbrellas, she felt like a sissy when she held one. Umbrellas looked decidedly lady like, and she certainly was not a lady. She might get one of those big golfing ones. Yes that would be more of her style; a big green one. She put that on her list of things to do. That never ending list of things to do.

She arrived at the corner shop, went in and bought a pack of Marlboro lights, and topped up her travel card, then she was back in the rain again, quickly lighting a cigarette. Ah…that felt good. She proceeded to the bus stop, cigarette between her lips, getting soggy in the rain.

She had almost gotten to the bus stop when her phone rang, she grabbed it out of her pocket and looked at the screen. It was Lilly! Ugh! She really wasn’t in the mood for whatever she had to say.

She silenced the call and put the phone back in her pocket. Looking up she saw the bus approaching, good timing she thought. She quickly put out her cigarette and got on the bus. As she sat down, the phone rang again, it was Lilly…again, so she decided to answer this time.

‘Hello, ‘ said Andy through gritted teeth.

‘Andy I didn’t realize you had left, I was on the phone. I wanted to make sure about the time we are meeting tonight, and where. I have meeting so I won’t come back home first. How about I meet you at King’s Cross Station at 6pm?’ said Lilly.

I will try,’ replied Andy feeling her blood pressure rising. Why didn’t Lilly understand that she was busy, really busy; and that silly little dinner parties were not her priority? They had the mortgage to pay and it wasn’t going to pay itself. Suddenly Andy snapped and said ‘ you know what, I am not going to try, I am too busy to play happy families, you go by yourself, or bring that bitch Clare with you, since you two are so close these days!’

With that Andy hung up, and switched her phone off. She stared out the window, feeling miserable. How did her life become such a mess. When she met Lilly 3 and a half years ago, things had been so different. Now suddenly she didn’t even recognize herself or her life sometimes.

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