Clinical Pathology Laboratory in Delhi

The rise of Delhi NCR as a centre of healthcare has meant an increased need for laboratories that can help hospitals and doctors diagnose illnesses and treat patients. These clinical pathology labs deal with the diagnosis of the essential nature of a disease, especially the changes in body tissue or organs that cause or are caused by the illness. The pathologists examine structural and functional manifestations of an ailment. They undertake a wide range of tests that help in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and its prevention in the future.

The better clinical pathology labs in Delhi such as Oncquest use the latest techniques and diagnostic tests to help doctors gain valuable insights within a short turnaround time. This results in increased efficiency within the overall system. In addition, patients are treated much quicker and are back on their feet much sooner than what would have been otherwise not possible.

Clinical pathology labs in Delhi NCR offer the following type of clinical tests, among others:

  • Haematology: Includes blood tests such as complete blood count (CBC), coagulation and reticulocyte count / index
  • Bench Chemistry: Comprises of various tests such as blood tests, urine analysis, and immunohematology
  • Automated Chemistry: These include diagnostic panels, pre-surgical panels and specialist chemistry tests
  • Cytology / Cytopathology: These check bodily fluids such as urine, pleural fluid, pericardial fluid and even sputum
  • Immunology: These checks for various factors to determine the health of the immune system

Clinical pathology labs in Delhi are very particular about the quality of testing. They focus on providing quality test results, which in turn leads to proper diagnosis and treatment. They have skilled pathologists who look at samples and measure the various test parameters. Standard specimens for diagnosis include:

  • Blood: The most common fluid used in almost every test. It has an advantage over other fluids as it can be examined either as a ‘whole’ or as ’serum’
  • Urine: Also used in a wide range of tests to determine various factors such as sugar levels, chemicals in urine, etc.
  • Others: Other specimens used for clinical testing include spinal fluid, pleural fluid, abdominal fluid, joint fluids, and bone marrow.

Oncquest provides all kinds of clinical laboratory services which include general pathology, molecular pathology, surgical pathology and cytogenetics testing services, among others. Oncquest’s labs are responsible for all aspects of the process from collection and transportation to testing and diagnosis.