Announcing Oncue Pro!

Today is a proud day. After months of designing, developing, testing and improving, Oncue Pro is open for business!

Oncue is already a very solid piece of GTD Software but Pro takes it one step further. Read on to find out more.

Tickler File

The tickler file allows you to schedule tasks for a future date. You can choose to leave the task in your inbox and have it appear on a certain date, or you can process the task in your normal GTD flow but set the start date in the future meaning the task will silently enter your to do list without it disturbing you.

Repeating Tasks

Repeating tasks allow you to make tasks repeat in two specific ways.

  • Repeat start date: Imagine you need to cut the grass roughly every 10 days. The due date does not matter, but you still need to complete the task frequently. By entering a repeating start date, a new task will be created 10 days after you complete the original task. You can see next time you need to cut the grass in your tickler file.
  • Repeat due date: Repeating due dates are similar to repeating start dates, except the tasks do not go through the tickler system. Consider your monthly expenses. You know you have to submit your receipts every month on a certain day, otherwise you’ll miss out on pay day! By setting a repeating due date, a new task will be created immediately when you complete the original one, with the due date set the number of days ahead that you’ve set in the original task. The due dates will also appear in your Google Calendar!

You can even combine these two scenarios to produce a system that works exactly as you want it to.

Google Calendar Integration

Oncue Pro allows you to see your due dates in your Google Calendar. When you upgrade to Pro, you will be prompted to connect your Google Account, if you have one. When you do this, Oncue will create a new calendar and you will start to see your due dates appear.

This is incredibly helpful, especially when completing your weekly review because it gives you a visual overview of what commitments you have in the weeks ahead.

Oncue Quick Collect

Oncue Quick Collect is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to jot down reminders and thoughts without leaving the web browser. You should not have to change context when random thoughts pop into your head. Oncue Quick Collect allows you to quickly collect a reminder, then get straight back to work.

We’re really excited to see Pro go live, we hope you are too. This isn’t where it ends, either. Oncue is used all day every day by lots of people and we’re constantly looking for ways to advance the core product and add new features to the pro package.

Join Oncue now, and get things done like a pro!